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Kaya Bay

A favourite with divers of all abilities. The dive boat is moored up close to the beach to allow beginners and courses to take advantage of the level and sandy bottom.

For the experienced divers a short swim from the bow of the boat brings a whole new world.

To the left a sloping wall leads to the wreck of an old wooden fishing boat, now sadly broken up but still an ideal place to spot juvenile groupers and an array of other species. The wall continues out towards 3 tunnels, but the gently sloping bottom makes depth control easy.

To the right lies a sandy amphitheatre surrounded by a reef with many overhangs and crevices where interesting species hang out. Karavider(rock lobster), soldier fish, Mediterranean  moray eels and the occasional large grouper. A group of around 200 juvenile barracudas spent several weeks in the area towards the end of the season.