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Aquarium Reef

This dive site is often used as the location for our third dive of the day. This gives experienced divers the chance to observe many varied species of marine life without descending below 18 metres. Company policy dictates that we do not reverse profile and set 18 metres as the maximum on dive 3.

The boat drops all divers off on top of the reef where the bottom is at 8 metres. After a short swim the reef drops off to 30+ metres and divers traverse along a wall. At the end of the wall, divers re-emerge onto the top of the reef where there are several large pinnacles which are home to moray eels, crabs and lobsters. At this point divers are encouraged to look out into the blue where groups of adult and juvenile barracudas are nearly always hunting. After 1 or 2 circuits of the pinnacles divers begin the journey to our waiting dive boat in small aquarium bay. The bottom is predominantly sandy with many rocky outcrops proving home to varied marine species. Safety stops are carried out at the front of the boat before ascent and exit.

The red route takes newly/less qualified divers on a tour of small aquarium reef with many of the same features available.