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Dalyan Reef

This dive site is offshore from our normal divesite coastline and is diveable when sea conditions are favourable.

The boat is placed on the top of the reef at a depth of 14 metres and divers normally descend down the shot line to assist in any prevailing currents. Divers then pick up the wall in a southerly direction and find their maximum depth based on qualification. The wall is a labyrinth of cracks and crevices, home to many species of marine life. The sandy area below  the divers has historically been  home to occasional rays. At the end of the wall divers turn northwards to head for the dive boat up a gently sloping bottom which resembles a lunar landscape.

Home to moray eels, groupers, hermit crabs and wealth of other marine life, this is a chance for divers to explore with a little freedom whilst still under the direct supervision of our dive guide.

Safety stops are performed on the anchor line before swimming to the back of our dive boat and exiting.

This dive site is available to divers of all certification levels but the top of the reef at 14 metres leaves only a 4 metre window of opportunity for open water divers.