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Also known as Aladdin’s cavern, this site was recently voted in the top 10 dive sites in Turkey.

The site is made up of 2 parts, the first part is the cavern itself and the second part is “The Hamam”(Turkish Bath)

Descending to 29 metres the cavern consists of 2 kidney shaped areas allowing divers to observe the delicate dantelle corals and colourful formations. The second part has a small overhang and sandy bottom with a resident large grouper.

After 6-10 mins divers exit and ascend to 12-15 metres for a 100 metre travel to the hamam. Entry is through a large opening into a closed room. Natural sunlight streams through 2 windows in the ceiling creating fantastic light shows for photographers and divers alike. Safety stops are carried out here before surfacing to admire the natural beauty.

Re-descending to 5 metres maximum for the short swim to our waiting dive boat.

Divers need to be AOW or equivalent to dive both areas but open water/scuba divers can easily undertake the hamam portion of the dive under the guidance of our expert Turkish Dive Guides