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Dive Site Locations

No                   Site Name                          Co-ordinates                                       Distance from EDC


1                     Dalyan Bay                        36*60’30.48”N 29*03’11.68”E                   12.30KM

4                    Aquarium Reef                 36*61’86.11”N 29*03’87.21”E                  10.33KM

5                    Yellowstone Drop Off       36*61’27.37”N 29*03’52.34”E                   11.13KM

9                    Dalyan Reef                      36*60’15.93”N 29*02’37.12”E                   12.73KM

11                   Aladins Cavern                36*58’11.09”N 29*02’53.26”E                   15.03KM

13                  Mexican Hat                      36*57’93.68”N 29*03’16.03”E                   16.12KM

15                  Balaban Island                 36*55’71.71”N 29*03’07.50”E                  17.60KM

16                  Three Tunnels                  36*59’78.46”N 29*02’66.67”E                  13.00KM

20                  Kaya Bay                            36*59’68.17”N 29*03’00.10”E                  13.20KM

The Wreck – TCSG-121

The wreck is the new main attraction for diving in Feithye. An old coastguard ship it lies 27m under the water it is 40.2m long with a width of 6.4m and weighs in at 150 tons. The wreck lies adjacent to a reef which is rich in marine life with moray eels a plenty, some …


Also known as Aladdin’s cavern, this site was recently voted in the top 10 dive sites in Turkey. The site is made up of 2 parts, the first part is the cavern itself and the second part is “The Hamam”(Turkish Bath) Descending to 29 metres the cavern consists of 2 kidney shaped areas allowing divers to observe the …

Three Tunnels

This site does exactly what it says on the tin! The tunnels are created by large cracks in the rock structure and are large enough for divers to pass through in single file. The deepest tunnel entrance is at 30 metres and slowly ascends to 26 metres. Our dive guide will exit in a large …

Mexican Hat

This dive site also consists of two elements. The first part requires divers to drop down to 29 metres and then one at a time be called forward to visit the shrimp room. With the aid of a torch, thousands of shrimps can be seen living in their natural environment. Good buoyancy control is essential …

Balaban Island

An island in the open sea! This dive site is perfect for divers of all certification levels, the gently sloping rock walls allow depth control to be easily achieved. On the eastern point lies Deep blue balaban which is approximately 250 metres deep. Our dive guide will point this feature out to our divers. For …

Dalyan Reef

This dive site is offshore from our normal divesite coastline and is diveable when sea conditions are favourable. The boat is placed on the top of the reef at a depth of 14 metres and divers normally descend down the shot line to assist in any prevailing currents. Divers then pick up the wall in …

Aquarium Reef

This dive site is often used as the location for our third dive of the day. This gives experienced divers the chance to observe many varied species of marine life without descending below 18 metres. Company policy dictates that we do not reverse profile and set 18 metres as the maximum on dive 3. The …

Kaya Bay

A favourite with divers of all abilities. The dive boat is moored up close to the beach to allow beginners and courses to take advantage of the level and sandy bottom. For the experienced divers a short swim from the bow of the boat brings a whole new world. To the left a sloping wall …

Yellowstone Drop-Off

This dive site is ideal for divers of all certification levels. The red route takes divers down to 29 metres where a small swim through allows divers to observe a wide range of colourful corals before ascending to 20 metres where a large cave containing shrimps is located. Divers can enter with our dive guide …